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Welcome to the 2016 Troop 777 Scoutmaster Challenge!

Please do not share this information with others unless told to do so by your Scoutmaster!

Rules for this challenge!

  1. Do not share this information with anyone else.
  2. Once you have the answer – please email the answer to your scoutmaster immediately at
  3. You must have your Cyber Chip to be eligible to take part in this challenge.
  4. Adults cannot assist you or take part in this challenge.
  5. The below prizes can only be used once.
  6. Prizes below may be made null & void temporarily as needed for any safety related issue.
  7. The below prizes may only be used at a Troop Meeting or short term campout.
  8. The below prizes cannot interfere with your responsibility’s for troop position or any Merit Badges you might be working on.*If they would interfere, then you would need to pick an alternate prize or select a different event which does not conflict.
  9. If you are still reading this smile and continue reading.
  10. If you get the correct answer, you may only choose one prize from the list below.
  11. Once a prize selection is granted to you, it cannot be changed.

Possible prizes for this challenge

  1. Make everyone talk in a comic book character voice for the day.
  2. Make everyone address you as “All Knowing” for the day. Example if your name was John you would be addressed as: All Knowing John!
  3. Make your Senior Patrol Leader talk via hand gestures for the day.
  4. Swap cooking duty’s with an Adult leader of your choice for the day.
  5. Swap cleanup duty’s with an Adult leader of your choice for the day.
  6. Make adult leaders swap places with all scouts to perform your patrol line responsibility prior to leaving an event.
  7. Swap (Scout) Troop position with someone for the day.
  8. Become a Junior Assistant Scoutmaster for the day.
  9. Make an entire patrol act as super hero’s for the day.
  10. Make everyone skip everywhere they go for the day.
  11. Make everyone act as secret agents for the day.

Here it is the Challenge Question:

One of the Boy Scouts of America campgrounds in Indiana had it first ritual in 1966. Please name the campground and organization for this ritual?

Rules: *Please keep in mind that the rules cannot be changed till the current challenge has been completed. Rules and Prizes for each challenge may change so always read the information provided.

Also if you have any suggestions for additional prizes – please let me know.

Thank you for taking part on this challenge.

Yours in Scouting,
Keith Troutman
Scoutmaster @ Troop 777
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